Eating Less and Counting Calories Alone Won’t Help With Weight Loss

The Freelancer

Out of all the American adults who have succeeded in losing weight, 32% credit dieting exclusively for their weight loss while 47% say diet and exercise combined helped them achieve their weight-loss goals, according to a Gallup poll.

Based on the data, more Americans turn to dieting rather than exercising for losing weight.  In regards to dieting, eating less and counting calories are the two most popular choices for losing weight.  Unfortunately, those strategies alone aren’t very effective.

It goes without saying that if you’re eating less in order to shed some pounds, you also have to make sure you are eating healthy.  Get plenty of protein, eat your vegetables, and make sure your food is prepared properly without too much fat, grease, or oil.  Carbohydrates can also be a good thing, especially if you exercise or live an active lifestyle.  Without carbohydrates your body won’t have the energy or…

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