Project 7 Gum Plants Trees, donates to nonprofits

Chew this gum to plant trees, feed the hungry, and more

Who would have thought buying a pack of gum could help save the earth, supply clean water to people in need, or provide schooling to children in Africa?

Social entrepreneur Tyler Merrick thought it was possible, so in 2008 he founded Project 7 — a company that dedicates itself to making “Products for Good,” including sugar-free gum and mints, bottled spring water (the bottles are biodegradable), and coffee.  Each product is linked to one of seven causes and by purchasing one of these products consumers can donate money to any one of these seven areas of need:

Heal the Sick products provide medicine to people suffering from Malaria.

Save the Earth products plant fruit trees around the world.

House the Homeless products cover shelter, food, education, and healthcare costs for orphans.

Feed the Hungry products provide meals to those without food in American communities.

Clean the Water products provide clean water to those who need it.

Teach them Well products support school costs for children in Africa.

Hope for Peace products support counseling for children of war.


Plant trees by chewing gum


Project 7 products can only be found in retail stores such as Walmart, Target, and Seven Eleven all over the Midwest and along the East Coast — though they can also be found in parts of California, Nevada, and other Western states.

Project 7 Gum was featured as Mother Earth Living’s Product of the Week back in March of 2009.  The gum (pictured above) comes in three flavors that correspond to three different causes:  the freshmint flavor plants trees, the peppermint-vanilla flavor feeds the hungry, and the mango mint flavor houses the homeless.  The company’s website mentions another flavor, wintergreen, which appears to donate money to schools in Africa — however I haven’t come across it in stores yet.  Further, the packaging for the gum is made of 10% post-consumer recycled material and the company also sells t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles in an effort to support the green movement.

Project 7 Mission Statement:  “To ensure everyone around the globe has access to fundamental human needs for a healthy life.”

Project 7 donates half of its profits to charities and partners with nonprofit organizations to provide financial support and raise awareness for various causes.  The nonprofits Project 7 works with include:  a child’s right, Camfed, Children’s Hunger Fund, Feeding America, Invisible Children, Partners in Health, Pencils of Promise, Plant with Purpose, Restore International, Samaritan’s Purse, SOS Children’s Villages USA, Trees, Water, and People, and World Vision.


Recycled Material Plants TreesProject 7 Gum Saves the Earth







To date, Project 7 has:

Planted 3,440,655 fruit trees

Supplied 1,294,308 meals to American communities

Supported 147,850 days of schooling for children in Africa

Provided 32,072 days of shelter, food, school, and healthcare to orphans

Provided 40,301 people with a year supply of clean water

Supported 19,730 days of counseling for children of war

And funded 31,104 Malaria treatments


So if you’re looking to support a good cause but don’t really have the time, give Project 7 a try.  By purchasing their everyday items (gum, mints, coffee, water bottles) you are supporting charitable efforts in “seven areas of need across the globe.”

Below is a video that summarizes Project 7’s mission and goals:


2 thoughts on “Chew this gum to plant trees, feed the hungry, and more”

  1. I wonder if there’s some way that I can donate money to you or some other tree-planting organization to help with planting trees in the storm-ravaged areas of the Philippines.

    1. The Haribon Foundation does several things for the environment in the Philippines and are a good start. Another group is called Hands On Manila, which has programs for tourists to volunteer in many ways while on vacation — planting trees is one of them. A Google search turned up a fair amount of results so the opportunity is out there. Hopefully you found something by now but if not, here you go!

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