Risk and Regret


Taking risks is scary but leaving yourself with regrets is much worse.  And more often than not we regret the risk not taken.  So in an effort to curb our regrets, we become quick to act when we see something we want or when we believe a golden opportunity has graced our lives with its presence.  We’ll say to fate, “not again, I’m not going to let this pass me by like the last time” and we’ll go for it, whatever it may be.  In doing so, we hope to claim the reward we’ve let slip through our fingers time and time again while growing a little more as individuals.

But at the same time one shouldn’t fear regret because it may make you risk unnecessarily.  It may make you feel urgency where there should be none, causing you to rush and misstep, thereby forfeiting your chances and finding yourself regretting your choices once again.  It seems that caring too much AND caring too little are equally detrimental and lead you down the same road you were trying to avoid.  And they do.  It’s because they are both overcorrections, and just like driving, overcorrecting yourself will cause you to swerve and fishtail when approaching an important junction in life…giving you no real control over which road you end up taking.

So what do you do?  Do you just move along somewhere in the middle, accepting everything as it comes without making a decision to care too much or too little?  Or do you only act on the risks that seem good for you–when the juice is worth the squeeze? Because it can be hard to tell what is actually good for you and by the time you can tell, it may be too late to make a decision:  either you get locked into the risk or you get locked into the regret.  While accepting everything as it comes leaves you susceptible to the whims of chance and circumstance with no real power over the direction things go…and the second you decide to take power over the situation you are showing you care AND you are taking a risk, so once again you may misstep and wind up falling flat on your face.

The reality is life is a balancing act and there is no right or wrong way to approach this.  Sometimes you risk and win, sometimes you risk and lose, while regrets are just a fact of life.  Take it all in stride.  You’ll learn from your decisions and balance yourself out over time.  If you feel something is good for you and see an opportunity then go for it…you may end up failing but don’t be discouraged because one day you will win big.  And then you’ll learn to appreciate your risks and regrets because they guided you straight to that jackpot that has eluded you for so long.  Or at least you’ll know that jackpot is on the horizon and is just waiting for you to do the right combination of things to win it.

You just have to keep going and remain strong, never losing faith in yourself or your decisions.  Do your best not to overcorrect when the road forks and you have no idea which way to go.  But above all, make sure you stay focused on your goals and desires while appreciating what you do have in life.  Sometimes we risk for things that will lead us from our paths and other times we regret things that may not have been the best for us anyways…guessing is the essence of the human condition for we can’t know everything and some would even say we can’t know *anything* for certain.  But that’s the beauty of it–the mystery and the suspense.  Yeah, there may be pain involved but as someone once told me, pain is life’s admission.  And while that may be true, I believe new experiences are the reward.  We can’t grow if we don’t risk and what is the purpose of a life without growth?

The uncertainty of life is certain but that should be more liberating than restricting because it means the possibilities are endless.  You can wind up anywhere with anyone doing anything.  So don’t shy away from risk and don’t fear regret.  Just accept them for what they are and continue down the path that seems the best for you.  There’s no way to tell if you missed out on a better path or not but as long as you are happy with things there can really be nothing better.  And if you aren’t happy then you have all the power in the world to change that.  The power comes from your mindset and your mindset comes from your attitude.  Change your attitude, change your mindset, change your life, change the world.


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