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Phaze 1 was the initial curiosity that led you here.  Phaze 3 is acting on what you’ve read here.  Phaze 2 is the stepping stone in between.

Phaze 2 is all about lifestyle.  Positive lifestyle.  Innovative lifestyle.  Revolutionary lifestyle.  Phaze 2 contains articles that inspire and empower, stories that expand perspectives and explore horizons, posts that intrigue and illuminate.  Social movements, creative endeavors, philosophical insights, global events.  Bits of humor thrown in with interesting scientific content.  Pieces that make you think and give you something to learn.  Social commentaries and reviews.  But above everything else, it’s all about positive, progressive lifestyle.

Phaze 2 was inspired by magazines like the Intelligent Optimist, Miller-McCune, National Geographic, TIME, Mental Floss and Rolling Stone; websites like Cracked and Damn Interesting; the Information Age and its unifying global renaissance; and by the visionaries, revolutionaries, and comedians  cultivating progression everywhere.

The goal of Phaze 2 is to provide insightful articles on subjects relevant to our everyday lives, and sometimes its goal is just to entertain.  There will be some newsy material, some bloggy material, and some feature content — so whether you’re in the mood for a smart and pithy piece, a meandering musing, or an in-depth investigation, there should be something to read or watch that’s up your alley.


“News” contains “newsworthy” things and happenings the mainstream media probably won’t report on.

15-Day Conviction is meant to house empowering and inspiring content to kick your character into high-gear.

Humblish-opinions is exactly how it sounds and tends to focus on social and political commentary.

Features make up the bulk of the content on PhAze 2.  Topics range greatly but they tend to have something to do with the goals of this blog.

phi-Life-sophy examines everyday things through a philosophical lens, turning the mundane into magic to get you to think about the little, over-looked things.

From The Author is where I speak directly to you, whether I’m announcing an update to PhAze 2, addressing questions/comments/concerns, posting retractions and edits to articles, running polls or simply have something to say to you–my readers.

I hope you find something you like while you’re here; for the moment I update my blog a couple times a week (at most) but you’re more than welcome to follow it and receive updates.  I’m planning on putting more time into Phaze 2 in the future and bringing it to the next stage of development, but for now I’m taking my time and allowing my blog to carve out its own niche.

Thanks for visiting!



About the Author

Profile PictureBrandon Weinstein is a writer and independent journalist who does freelance projects on the side.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English focusing on Rhetoric and Professional Writing, with most of his general electives going to journalism, philosophy, science and communications classes.  He likes to read about a wide variety of topics, pretend his cell phone pictures count as photography and take full control of what will one day become his autobiography.


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